Kids Title - Welcome to Kids Time

Our children’s ministry, called Kids' Time, provides a great interactive large group time of worship, Bible learning, and fun.   

Kids' Time – for children ages 5 through 12 - meets on Sunday mornings at 11:00am, coinciding with the adult worship service. Children can join others their age in our colorful and creative Children’s Church area for an exciting Kids' Time adventure. Your children will enjoy a time of worship and be captivated and inspired while learning eternal truths from God’s Word with fun characters like Ug the Caveman, Fast Freddy, Austin, and Professor Yonkers. They will also enjoy fun and interesting video clips, puppets, skits, activities, illustrated lessons, Bible stories, and other creative activities that is sure to keep their attention with learning on their level of understanding. Also, every Sunday, children are given a time to pray for their needs and for the needs of others. It’s always a joy to hear how children can’t wait to come back to Kids' Time church again!

Kids' Time Church is located in our Fellowship Hall building which is marked by the sign  "Children’s Church". To see the location of Kids' Time Church services at First Coast Christian Center, check out the Facility Map. You may sign your children in and pick them up here. All children will remain in the Kids' Time area until their parents return at the end of the adult worship service to pick them up.

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