What should I expect?
When you drive onto the campus of FCCC you will find a beautiful and well kept facility with plenty of parking. In fact, in the front of our building outside of our main entrance you will find parking places reserved for any of our first time guests that desire to use them. As you walk in to our facilities you can expect to be greeted by many friendly people and made to feel welcome. In our main foyer is an Information Center where you can find a map of our campus, bulletins/announcements, pamphlets, and attendants who can answer any questions you may have.
You will also find greeters wearing name badges at the various entrance ways who can help you to find your way to our nursery, children, teen or adult classes or events, or to any other area. Also, by each entrance located by the door is a map diagramming our facilities and where and when classes are taking place.
What are your main worship services like?
During our worship services you can expect to hear exciting, upbeat music you’ll love and a practical, relevant Bible message that will inspire you and help you to grow in your faith and in your walk with God. You’ll also enjoy the comfortable seating in our beautiful worship center. If you have children we have a wonderful children’s church service for those ages 5-12, as well as a safe and beautiful nursery for those birth – 4.
Will I be embarrassed in any way when I visit?
No. We understand that you may be our guest for the first time and will not do anything to embarrass you. You will be able to attend, worship, learn more about us and be relaxed the entire time. If you have any questions before or after the service, stop by the Information Center in our main foyer. The attendants there will answer any questions you have.
What should I wear?
At FCCC you will feel right at home if you come dressed casual or dressed up. Our church is made up of all types of people from different backgrounds. We are more interested in helping you grow in the Lord and becoming all that you can be in Christ than we are how you’re dressed.
What do you offer for children?
If you have children between the ages of birth – 4 we have a beautiful and secure nursery with loving and screened workers located near our main entrance in our main foyer. When you walk up to the counter the attendants will help you. The nursery is open every time there is a worship service on our campus, except for Sunday 8:15am services. We also offer an exciting children’s ministry for children between the ages of 5 – 12, as well as ministry for students from junior high through high school.
Can you help me with directions?
Yes. We are located at: 2724 New Berlin Road in Jacksonville, FL. You can find our location, map and directions by visiting our location and information page.
How can I get involved and make new friends?
You’ll find that at FCCC there are many ways to make new friends. You can get to know others and make new friends by: becoming a part of one of the many classes/small groups offered; or by attending some of the events specifically geared to couples, singles, senior adults, students, young adults, moms of preschoolers, motorcyclists, golfers, men, women, parents, etc.; or by attending some of the special banquets and fellowships offered at various times throughout the year; or by getting involved in one of the many ministry teams at FCCC. To find out about the many ministry teams at FCCC visit our volunteer opportunities page.
How can I grow, discover the gifts and talents God has given to me, become a strong follower of Christ and serve the Lord?
That’s what our Growth Track is all about. Our Growth Track includes four classes called:  Decide, Develop, Discover and Deploy. In the Decide class 101 you will learn all about FCCC and what church membership is about and how to get connected. In the Develop class 201 you will learn vital truths every believer must know and have as a regular part of their life in order to grow and stay spiritually strong. In the Discover class 301 you will be given tools to help you discover the special gifts and talents God has given to you to use to build His kingdom and to fulfill your calling. In the Deploy class 401 you will be introduced to leaders in the areas you believe God has gifted you in and called you to so you can get going and activate your ministry involvement. To learn more about the Growth Track please visit our growth track page so you can get started right away.

You can also grow stronger and deeper in the Lord by getting involved in one of a variety of classes being offered. These classes/small groups are offered at various times on many different subjects. One class we offer regularly is called Strong Foundations. If you have given your heart and life to Christ within the past few years, or really don’t know why you believe what you do, or are new to the Spirit-filled life and church, this class is for you. This important 13 week class will greatly increase your Bible knowledge, answer a lot of questions you have, and help you to live a strong, victorious life in Christ.
More questions?
If you have any other questions please visit the contact us page or call the church office at 904-757-7641. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm.

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