Growth Track

The FCCC Growth Track consists of 4 classes that will help you grow in your walk with God step by step. We encourage every believer to grow to their full potential in Christ and to take all 4 classes. This growth track will help you to grow strong spiritually and stay connected with other believers. It will also help you to discover your unique God given gifts and talents and actively use them in ministry for the Lord.

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Class 101 – Decide  (TBA)
In this class you will learn all about FCCC, our history and beliefs, our vision and purpose, what membership is all about, how our church is structured and so much more. After this class you will be able to decide if FCCC is the church for you.
Class 201 – Develop  (TBA)
There are certain things that every believer must do regularly to grow and stay strong spiritually. In this class you will learn important spiritual habits and how to develop them and make them a regular part of your life. Without these spiritual habits established in your life you will never be all that God desires for you to become. Class 101 is a prerequisite for this class.
Class 301 – Discover (TBA)
In this class you will not only learn about spiritual gifts and how God uniquely created you, you will receive tools to assist you in discovering the spiritual gifts and talents God has given to you. This will then help you to identify how the Lord wants you to serve Him and where you will be most effective. Class 101 & 201 are prerequisites for this class.
Class 401 – Deploy (TBA)
 In this class, after enjoying classes 101, 201, and 301, you will be given the information you need to get started serving the Lord. Class 101, 201 & 301 are prerequisites for this class.

  • It is important that believers arrive on time for each Growth Track class. At the beginning of each class you will be given important information. If you are unable to arrive on time for a particular class please attend the class the next time it is offered. 
  • Nursery ministry is not available during these Growth Track classes.  Please make arrangements for childcare. (Exception: Nursery is provided for the GT101 class ONLY when offered on Sunday's at 10:15am.)

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