May I visit with my child during Kids' Time Church or during a Kids' Time class or activity?

Yes!  Absolutely!  We want parents to see what’s going on, participate, and to be involved.


Where do I check in my child?

On Sunday mornings, you may check your child in at the red display cases in the Fellowship Hall for Sunday School and/or Kids' Time Church. 

On Wednesday nights, please check Mpact Girls grades K - 8th in at the red display cases in the Fellowship Hall.

Girls Only will meet in their class and then walk down to the Student Center to check-in on the computer in the hall.

Royal Rangers and Rainbows will be checked in at their classes.


Where do I pick up my child?

You may pick up your child at the location you dropped them off unless otherwise noted. 


What happens if my child needs extra attention (i.e. due to asthma, allergies, etc. or insecurities

We strive to have plenty of leaders in each class to cover problems of this nature.  If you would like, please also leave a cell phone number and/or your location at church so we may contact you or bring you your child if needed.

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