Being a missionary is more than just going on a trip every now and then to minister to people you’ll never see again. Missionaries live in the mission field; they are a part of the culture they’re trying to reach. As a student, your greatest opportunity as a missionary is in your own school!

Students reaching students is what youth ministry is all about. Empowering students to become campus missionaries helps enable them to accept personal responsibility to reach the lost of their generation. By making campus missions a priority, students can live out their faith today and develop a deeper ownership of their beliefs that will last later in life.

A Campus Missionary commits to:

  • PRAY daily for friends, teachers, school administrators, and others who need Jesus' hope.
  • LIVE a real, consistent Christian faith by reading, studying, and memorizing God's Word and spending time in personal worship.
  • TELL her/his friends about Jesus.
  • SERVE in or begin an active campus club and serve your peers daily.
  • GIVE time and finances to promote Jesus' hope globally.

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